Will My Privacy Be Maintained?

Nothing is more important. Consultation, testing, and treatments are conducted by our all male staff in the privacy of our office.

Who Are The Doctors Treating Me?

The physicians at The Male Method have a strong track record in the area of men’s sexual health and are committed to your satisfaction. They are experienced professionals who understand your needs and are dedicated to providing safe and effective treatments on an individual basis, regardless of your age medical condition.

I Have A Medical History.  Is That A Problem?

You never have to choose between great sex and your health.The Male Method has a solution, even if you have medical problems. Our doctors evaluate you to find the unique blend of medications that work, even if you have heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, prostate cancer, waning sexual desire or weight problems. They are skilled at safely treating erectile dysfunction, regardless of your medical history and without interfering with your medications.

Does The Male Method Treat Both ED and PE?

Yes. We know that ED and PE often go hand in hand. Our ED treatment usually cures PE, as well.

What Are The Three “After the Pill” Options?

After the pills stop working- then what? Now is NOT the time to give up! For most men there are three options when the popular pills stop working. Almost always only one of those options is the best next step- and that is theThe Male Method… here’s why:

1. The finality of the surgical penile implant. Proceed with caution! The surgical penile implant consist of a surgeon opening up your penis and inserting two expanding fluid filled tubes that are activated typically by the man pushing a hidden button tucked away in his scrotum. You heard me right- push a button in your scrotum. So much for the mood for the moment.

While these implants are a highly effective surgical gold standard and the side effects and complications have been dramatically reduced in recent years (leakage and infection risks among those) please understand that when you have a surgical implant there is NO TURNING BACK. A surgical penile implant by process interferes with the corpus cavernosa – the natural spongy tissue that expands to give you an erection. Once it’s gone – it’s gone.

Additionally, the surgical implant is expensive and often has post surgical complications you may not think of including urinary incontinence and the need to use a CATHETER. This option should be explored only if all other therapies fail.

Finally, surgical penile implants are costly – not cheap, subject to post surgical complications and have a finality that is a no turning back solution.

2. The option to stop having sex. All too often men are humiliated and frustrated by their ED and just give up. They try to convince themselves that playing bridge is their new passion and that sex doesn’t mean anything to them anymore. I’ll remind you that The Male Method patients range in age from their twenties until their nineties! That’s right. Listen- sex is important to all of us- until the day we die. Society for too long has minimized this important basic need and basis for self esteem in men. This is just not a reasonable option unless all other solutions have failed. We are sexual beings. We should do all we can to preserve that important part of life.

3. The Male Method.  After the pills fail or if you are concerned about the concerning risk of the pills There is really only one next option. The Male Method is that option. There is hope. Many men falsely believe that if they have had prostate surgery, hypertension, diabetes or high cholesterol that they are destined to live with ED or that the medical treatment options are too risky. This simply isn’t true for the vast majority of men who seek outThe Male Method. You’ll see positive results in the office on your first visit, in a non surgical and effective treatment the doctor will tailor to fit your needs – If you don’t- keep your fee for the first office visit.The Male Method is that confident. We’ve removed all the barriers. Don’t wait any longer! Call now!